ScQWander Opening Screen – Demo Video Capture

ScQWander Coming Soon!

What is ScQWander you ask? ScQWander (pronounced [Squander]) is different. Itis an ageless strategy, puzzle game built to challenge and perplex the player courageous enough to give it a try. This is not your typical mobile or PC game. It’s simple to play and is a little difficult to solve, most of the time. It is a Windows 10 Desktop Game and should run on most Windows PCs and Tablets.

The goal is simple, collect all the money bags and exit with your life…

… the challenge is anything but simple.

It is a simple turn based game, meaning nothing happens until the player moves. Once you do then the game reacts and the action begins depending on the consequences of the move that was made. Watch the video to the left which replays 180 moves in which the player solves the level.

Engaged Brain is required !

I gave a previous version to someone. He did not get too far. “It was too hard.” Some people are just not going to like this game’s format. If you are more like me and find it difficult to admit that you cannot solve a screen, ScQWander may be to your liking.

FREE Limited Demo Version – Take it for a test drive (5 levels and no Screen designer). When you finish the last level, a message displays reminding you to Upgrade if you want more.

Low Purchase Cost! My philosophy is to sell a very good game at a low cost. Happy players will hopefully tell their friends and spread the word. Please Do! Design a screen and challenge them to solve it.

No Nags

NO NAGS asking that you buy more!

One Time Purchase! No In Game Purchases! No Subscription!

Free Updates! You Never have to upgrade to get something to work! (There may be new versions)

ScQWander Basics

Solving a screen requires you to “Eat” all possible Moneybags, then make your way to the Exit. That sounds simple. It is not a twich game. Going fast does NOT help. A move you make may either be required or doom you later. Eating additional remaining items on the screen scores more points. There are bonuses for doing more.

To move your Player, press the Keyboard Arrow keys (or the ones on the Num Pad). You may also Click, Touch or use a set of Keys designed for Left or Right hand. Each set has a “Move in Place” key defined. When pressed, everything moves but your player. View the Help screens for more information on the Keys you can use.

Assume that you stayed up until 2:00 am playing and have to get up at 6:00. You are sooo close to solving to finishing that you don’t want to quit. Click Save ! When you return, click Last and Restore to pick up where you stopped. Or, Click Playback and watch the all the moves you made (to refresh your memory).

Many times, you may think the level is just impossible to solve. There is a solution (minor pun). You can click the Solve Button and watch a solution playback. No screen is distributed that does not have a solution. “A Solution!” The provided solutions are rarely the best possible score. Most of the time, there is room for improvement. I rarely even check the score.


  • Screen Designer
  • Multiple User ID’s (on single install)
  • Go to Last screen played
  • Sound On/Off
  • Solve
  • Playback your moves
  • Save/Restore Screen state
  • 95+ Screen Levels
  • Hints (when Designers add them)
  • Jump to any Screen
  • New game play items
  • Common Share Area (on single install)
  • High Score Indicators and Report (on single install)
  • Share on Other Installs (requires players to do more. It takes more than a button click)

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